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In the spring of 2017 we traveled to Mazatlan, Mexico for our honeymoon and listened to countless stories of people who lived there for months at a time. They had two homes.  They didn’t look like millionaires. Come to find out, we could’ve possibly afforded a home there too, but the cost to get there was high and we knew it wouldn’t be worth it.

Upon our return home, we started talking about a second home, a getaway spot and happened to remember that Elaine and Matt, friends of ours with amazing kids, had thrown the idea out before about sharing some farm land, should they find the right spot. While visiting my sister one weekend, shortly after our honeymoon, I half jokingly sent Elaine a text, after not having contacted them since the prior November when she married us.  Consequently, they were seriously looking again and had a place they wanted a second look at and arranged for us to meet them there to check it out.

Three months later, their family, my sister and her then husband, and Perriee and I were  hanging out in our new home away from home. It was only an hour away from our home in Northern Kentucky. By early fall we had chosen our own little spot in the woods and ordered our tipi.  It was erected the weekend after Thanksgiving with the help of our new family.

We are Perriee and Marietta, just a married couple who love spending time together. We are working towards a more simplistic life so we can spend more time together in our tipi and we want to share our journey to inspire you to spend more time doing the things that make you happy. Life is short. The time is now.

If you never return to this blog ever again, do one favor for me (and yourself). Write down five goals and dreams that you have. Keep that paper and look at it at least once a year. You will be surprised to find some of those dreams magically realized.