Our first time at the Kentucky State Fair (mind = blown!) and some other crazy ideas.

August 20, 2018

On Saturday, Perriee, Crystal (my sis) and I went to the Kentucky State Fair.  She gave us a fair warning that it was going to be pretty intense, but I couldn’t have imagined the scope of what I would see that day.

Here is a short list of what we witnessed:

• A room full of cakes and pies

• A room full of vegetables

• A room full of birds: chickens, ducks, pigeons and geese

• A room full of hay

• I peeked into a room full of tobacco but was petrified of having a relapse so I did not go in.

• Goats (not quite a room full, but there were plenty!)

• At least 6 rows of handmade quilts

• Crocheted blankets galore

• Tractors with tires taller than us

• Lots and lots of corn

One of the biggest concepts we came away with was the idea to implement some sort of aquaponics system for our duck water.  Since we started hosting these beautiful creatures in our backyard this summer, I have been cringing each time I toss gallons of water down the drain.  Of course we water what we have in our yard, but anyone with ducks will know that it does not take long to saturate your environment when you are changing your pools and tubs everyday (some of them twice a day). There must be a way to recycle the water!

We saw this amazing display at a booth hosted by Kentucky State University   They were using fish to help fertilize their plants.  After Googling this in terms of ducks, we have now added duckponics and quaquaponics to our repertoire.  It is a thing – we just need to get set up and figure out what we do in the wintertime, which I am assuming is mostly nothing!

The preliminary list of supplies that we will need to get something started: swirl filter, bio filter, and sump pump. This could be a lot of fun!


This past week, I finished up a six-week webinar about creating good financial habits and met with a financial advisor through our investment group (both of which occured at the office, so there’s that).  The common denomeator from those meetings was the importance of having a savings account full enough to support you for three to six months.  Start small and aim for $1000.  For some reason,  this time it sunk in.  We are refocusing our financial goals to build up a savings while continuing to pay down our debt, always moving in the right direction.

Start your savings this week.  Save fifty dollars every pay period and in less than a year, you will have a $1000 emergency fund.




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