This past week was amazing. Day-z and June laid their first eggs! On Saturday, I took a peek in the window of their coop and saw one beautiful egg sitting on top of the straw. I bent in to get it and found three more, nestled inside a tiny little nest they fashioned. Needless to say, we had scrambled duck eggs with chives on them for breakfast.
When I was cleaning out their house yesterday I found two eggs buried in their straw. I think those may have been the first two that they laid and maybe they weren’t sure what to do with them. Maybe we should have had a talk with them to prepare them for the “joys of womanhood”. It is magical to watch the power of female in this form.


We are beside ourselves with excitement. I hear you, it’s just nature. Ducks lay eggs. We get to eat them. To us though, this is huge.  Day-z and June have shared their most precious gifts with us and we appreciate it so very much. The most amazing part about it all is how they give us their eggs, then go on about their day as if nothing happened. We must be sure to say, “thank you” each time we take them.

We headed to the tipi on Saturday afternoon. It was rainy and cool. We were ready to fire up the stove for the night and weather the inevitable drips. We visited at the cabin for a bit, then tried to work up an appetite for some grilled hot dog sandwiches by chopping some wood. Taking turns to get out of the rain, we chopped a meager pile, then headed down the Tipi Trail for dinner. My appetite was not as big as I had hoped , but we were getting pretty wet, even with taking turns chopping wood in the rain.  I was going to cook a meal with that fire regardless; it is so much fun cooking in there! We grilled our dogs in a cast iron pan on top of the stove. I tossed the bread on top of them in the pan to warm them up. We forgot our mayo and mustard, but with some onion, they were amazing. This video was taken close to that time.   You could hear the slow drips and light tapping of

Getting the fire going.

the drops on the outside of the tipi.

The rain persisted through an awesome visit with family and friends. We marveled at the design of the tipi and how well it keeps the rain out. We had the smoke flaps open and only needed a couple of buckets catching some drips. The rain was steadily pelting the canvas, yet we remained dry.
Mother Nature continued through the night. We laid out our bed and decided that it was best to use only a blanket, and skip the pillows and sheets in an effort to avoid extra items to absorb water with. By 2:30, we pulled the cereal bowl from the floor, where it was catching water, up onto the mattress, where it was dripping steadily. We were strategically positioned around the wet spot, while ensuring the blanket did not dip into the puddle that had gathered at the foot of the bed. By 3:30, it was still pouring and the water began to creep in from the opening near the entry way from underneath the canvas. We were losing this round and decided it was time to pack up and go.

After nearly no sleep and cold rain dripping on my hair for half of the night, we knew the best place for us was going to be in our bed at the “City House” so we could be comfy and dry. In between raindrops Perriee and I packed up our soggy bed, clothes, and cooler, shut the smoke flaps, and hit the road. We got home at about five, let the ducks out, texted the pet sitter, and laid down. One would think we would have been mad about this but our memories of that night are amazing. We had the chance to see our tipi at its best. I imagine that it wasnt the first night that it faced that much rain, but it was the first time we got to see it at that level. The tipi fought hard and won and we were front and center for it all. We learned that it was time to get pallets for our mattress and hang a water-resistant canopy over the bed. We stayed up late and listened while Mother Nature spoke.


Appreciate the sources of your food, wherever you are getting it from. If you don’t have the chance to thank the animal it comes from or the farmer who cultivates it, appreciate the people who work at the store you get it from. Also, when Mother Nature speaks, take some time to listen.


This is one of our favorite songs:  Count Your Blessings, White Christmas

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