Save Yourselves!

Let’s start with some duck therapy:  #lotsaflocka and the pea game

There were no trips to the tipi this week because we were finally able to go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with Perriee’s mom and ten-year old niece for their birthdays. We are home safe and made some amazing memories! You know life is good when you have to choose between being at one amazing place over another but no matter where you end up at, it will be awesome.

Looking back at my photos from last year at this time, I think we were traveling around this same time then as well. Cellphone photos have really become our new personal diaries; you can just look at the time stamps to see what you were up to at any time point in the past. I wonder if we can shape our own past through the photos that we take, sort of like the movie, Total Recall. In that movie, there is a “travel agency” that implants memories into your brain, and you get to select how you would like to remember that vacation without ever actually being there. When we take happy pictues, we are basically creating happy memories.

Think about it. That’s all we need to do on a vacation. We need to make happy memories because in the end, how we remember it is all we have. So, no matter how much money you have or how far you go when you are off with your loved ones, have as much fun as possible. Did you lose your luggage? Laugh about it. Did someone get crabby? Just let them cool off. I must say that Perriee and I are pretty damned good at that game. We have had some dicy moments on some of our vacations, but everywhere we have ever gone has left us with the best memories, and this last trip was no exception.


Use your energy wisely. We wake up with a finite amount of energy every day. Just like with money, we need to remember that we need to ration our energy so we don’t overspend it. It is ok to say no, it is ok not to react, it is ok to walk away. Don’t give it all away. Save some for yourself to spend how you want. You will be happier for it, and that’s all we really want, isn’t it? Happiness.
Kenny Rogers, The Gambler

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