We made some good time for the tipi this past weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we were able to enjoy a justified fire in the wood stove for the first time in months. Matt started a fire for us before we arrived, which is by far, one of the best gifts anyone could ever give. There is absolutely nothing better than walking into a warm tipi after a long day. We had an awesome night hanging out in there before the morning when we planned to insulate and panel the previously known, “Number Two Room”, for my sister to have as a place to call her own.
It was amazing how much we were able to accomplish in that short period of time. As it turned out, Matt and Perriee were able to knock out the project together while Elaine, Crystal, and I were able to get some other things done. I was even able to spend an hour or so down in the tipi on Saturday with the youngest – he is three. We had an awesome time leveling pavers, eating chips, and drawing letters into sand with our fingers. It was amazing. As we were walking down with the cart to the tipi during a trip back down after picking up a load of gravel, he said, “It’s teamwork”. It sure was.
The grass was mowed, a felled tree was broken down and burned, and weeding was done around the trees that we planted last year. We even snuck in some playtime with the kids. It was magical.


Last year at this time, the poles for the tipi were delivered. They were shipped on a tractor trailer earlier than the canvas so we would have time to treat them with turpentine and linseed oil in advance of putting it up. I was there by myself, waiting on the delivery. When he arrived, he could only back in to the bottom of the driveway so the driver dumped the poles and I was left to walk them up. One by one, I walked them up. It looked like a giant pile of Pickup Sticks next to the barn once I got them all up there.



Stay focused and keep your hope alive. Sometimes our goals seem so far away that we will never achieve them. Don’t give up. I am half suggesting this as encouragement for myself. It was a difficult Monday being back in the office (as wonderful as a job as I have) when I want so badly to be leveling our tipi floor with a three-year-old and a bag of chips. It will come. As sure as I am writing this down, right now, I am sure that day will come, and I predict it may arrive sooner than later.

Duck Therapy

Rainy days in the backyard with Nick and Howard.  

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