Perfect Moments

Weekly Updates

At the House:


We finished the little pallet wood gate at the end of our driveway and have been inspired to grow some flowers.  Awkward transition, right? Yes, this is the idea of the week. This is how I roll.  One of these ideas is going to stick and you never know…this might be the one! I re-listened to the Living Homegrown episode 119  with guest, Erin Benzakein who is so very transparent about her successful flower business, Floret Farm, in Washington state.  Her book, Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden,  arrived on Saturday and it is beautiful and full of awesome information.  However the flowers grow (with conventional soil or via aquaponics) we have so much water to spare and so much sun to soak up, so we are going to give some flower growing a shot.  A failure in this case is still a win so we are going for it! I keep saying this, but our yard has never looked so good, and we have #lotsaflocka to thank.

I  dug out my seed collection and sorted them all out to get them ready to go for spring time.  Most of them probably will not do much, as they are pretty old and were not stored very carefully, but it is worth it to try out some new skills. I ordered garlic (ok, not a flower, but we will devour it) and some chamomile seeds (for the ducks) and have started my Amazon, “Flower Wish List”.  We were looking up table top cold frames for the deck.  Aside from the catio and recently stringing a clothes line across it, we hardly ever use the deck because it is so sunny and hot.  We should be capitalizing on this! This could be fun.  

At the Tipi:

Mouse PartyUpon arrival, we were greeted by a classic toilet paper prank from the mice.  We left a small bit out when we left last time so they really made the most out of it.  It is October, so the tricks are right on schedule. Seriously. it was everywhere, inside and outside of the tipi.  In other news, the floor by our bed is finally level! We get to spend this coming weekend there and we cannot wait to try it out. It is supposed to be cold too so it is going to be extra perfect with a fire in the stove.  I think we might be able to knock out the other side this week so the next person who stays with us will not slide down into the Hoosier cabinet in their sleep. Just eight more bags of sand and we should be good to go. Check out this 360 degree video that gives an idea of what the two sides currently look like.  


The world is not perfect, but sometimes moments can be, and we need to know how to recognize those moments when we see them.  Think about it. You have likely had millions of these “perfect moments” in your lives already and haven’t even considered it.  These are the moments that could not possibly get better if you were in another place or had ten times the amount of money that you have today (even if multiplying by zero).  I’ll give you an example:

During times when Perriee and I are lounging on the couch with the cats in our slightly redone basement/family room  I ask myself, “Could this room look better?”. Yes, of course it could! “Would this room with more modern amenities make me happier than I am right now?”.  No. Even if I had a million dollars, there is no amount of paint, new furniture, or an epoxy floor in that room (as opposed to the foam tile turned scratching post) that could make that moment better.  In those times I am the happiest that I could ever be and that does not cost a thing.


Find a perfect moment.  Stop and recognize a time in the present when nothing could make you feel more fulfilled.  Maybe it is walking down the street on a sunny day (or a cloudy one) and you can take the deepest breath you ever took and can ignore any ache or pain in your body.  Maybe it is at dinner with your family when everyone is safe and close. It could be when you are eating the most delicious thing you have ever tasted. The point is to see it and feel it with all of your being.  You may find that life is more perfect than you think.

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