Time Flies

A year ago this week, we were treating the poles with turpentine and linseed oil in the barn and digging trenches of heavy, wet clay, which we would later fill with a ton of gravel to form the tipi foundation. I took some of that clay and sun-baked our initials with it.  This week we finished leveling the floor on the west side of the tipi.  What I am saying is that, time flies.


On Saturday, this past weekend, we woke up, made breakfast in the dutch oven, and had coffee.  We started working on the floor, and all of a sudden, it was three o’clock and I realized that I had not looked at the time all day.  I thought that it was maybe eleven or eleven thirty. Time flies. I was momentarily disappointed that the day was drawing to a close until we made our way up the tipi trail for a bonfire with the extended family.


Take care of the Earth.  There was a report released last week about climate change and how we need to take more action to protect the planet.  She has cancer and needs treatment. We were given the prognosis. If we do not change, severe change is imminent.

Take public transportation for fun.  I took the bus to work today for the first time in a while and it was great.  Perriee knows the bus system pretty well in Cincinnati. She is from Chicago, so she had a lot of practice riding, even as a kid.  When we first started hanging out, I asked her to take me to the library downtown by way of the bus. It was one of the most memorable days of my life.  If you enjoy it, you might be inclined to try it again.

Buy one thing locally on a regular basis.  We have been making a point to shop for some soap and mint oil in town, down the street from our city house.  Refuse a plastic bag at the store for small items that can be carried or tossed in a shoulder bag.   Use paper bags and compost them. Cook more whole foods because they take less energy to process and package.  

You don’t need to overwhelm yourself to be the perfect example. It is nearly impossible to be perfect at this in our current  society.  I would feel immobilized if i tried to change everything in my life all at once.   Just practice. When you practice anything you are bound to get better at it. Don’t wait to start. Time flies.

Ok, that was heavy.  Take a look at the nests the mice made for us while we were gone:


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