Winter is Coming!

This summer was hot.  Really hot. Perriee is super sensitive to the sun and mosquitos and neither of us really get into hot weather like most people do.  Even when we went to Mexico on our honeymoon, we realized it would likely be our last tropical vacation. When everyone is complaining about the cold, we feel invigorated.  Cold weather wakes up our souls.


Our crazy idea of the week?  We are planning on moving to Deep Roots Farm, the farm, by the tipi, in May.  We have seven months to build a cabin and get moved in.  Between the two of us, we decided that we need to spend more time there in order to gain some momentum.   A couple of hours a night working on a project in Indiana will add up over time as opposed to our weekends that we currently spend there. It is an untapped blank slate of opportunity and combining a little energy with the other couple living there might help us all accomplish something we are striving for in a little less time.  The ducks will be happy there, the cats will be happy there, we will be happy there. We are ready.

We have yet to decide if we will attempt a bottom-up build on our own or purchase a cabin kit.  One of the decisions we have made for certain, is that whatever we choose, we want to ensure that the materials are as non-toxic as possible.  Most of the pre-built sheds and small cabins are loaded with formaldehyde infused wood that I am not interested in exposing us to. When we were buying materials to finish the room for my sister, three of us whittled down the aisle in Lowes to one option of non-toxic wood paneling.  Keep an eye out for that! By all means, if someone reads this and thinks I am wrong about this assumption, let me know.  What boggles my mind is how it is hard to find something that is not dangerous. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Solid Build cabins seems pretty good: .  We could get a little less than 200 square feet and be ready to move in within a couple of days of getting the kit delivered.  What we will need the most help with is the foundation. Will we dig holes and pour concrete into them? That is what we want to do, but how, is always the bigger question to answer.  We understand the importance of a solid foundation and really want to get that right.

We started talking about it a lot this week too; making verbal contracts with our friends and family.  We are committing. I am super excited to share this with all of you. I truly believe that this blog is a big reason why we are going for it.  Thanks for listening!

Duck Therapy


Embrace the cold. Dress for the cold.  Wear a hat. Wear gloves. Use a scarf.  Cold weather can be as intense as hot weather, but the awesome thing about it is that you can keep adding layers!  When it is 100 degrees outside, you can only take off so much before you are stuck sweating it out in your birthday suit.  When it is 20 degrees (fahrenheit), you can wear long john pants under your jeans, you can wear three shirts and a coat.   Take a walk in the cold to warm up.  There is nothing better than breaking a sweat outside in the middle of winter.  Enjoy!

Weekly Mouse Nests:

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