Giving Thanks, Cliche, Cliche…

Thanksgiving is here again.  I am grateful.

Here is my list:

I am thankful for my wife. She is patient and kind.  You know, like that Bible verse thingy that everyone quotes at their wedding.  I should go on, but I will just tell her instead.M and P

I am grateful for my family.  Go and say what you will of yours (I hope you think yours is the best too), but, I am convinced that all of my siblings (in-laws included) are the best of any.  We have some pretty darn great friends too. You know who you are. Thank you all!

Our pets are amazing.  We have two beautiful kitties and four beautiful ducks.  Shoot, I am even still thankful for all of the pets who have passed.  Each one was so very special in their own way.

Every single day our pets (or, friends whose language we have yet to master, if you will) are clearly so happy to have us home.  Think about it. Every person you have ever known in your life has not been beside themselves with joy EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU COME HOME.  Like jumping for joy happy. Not just, “Yay, they are here.” More like, “Holy hell!!! You came back AGAIN! Yay!” Never once have I picked up the, “Eh, you didn’t have to come home so soon” , vibe.

I feel those loving sentiments from the cats towards both of us.  They may not greet us like a dog, every time we come home, by panting by the front door with a wagging tail, but they show an affection that is just full of love.  Sometimes it is in the form of a bread knead, or maybe just a kitty by your side throughout the night. The ducks are the same. They shriek for joy every time we walk outside. If they are out towards the back of the yard, they will come running.  I know, it is probably just for food, but let me have this moment.


While we are on this topic, let’s think of some reactions that we never get from our pets, with few exceptions, of course.   

Annoyance.  Anger.  Fear.  Hate.  Aggression.  Deceit.  Disappointment.


I am not suggesting that we must eliminate these feelings towards one another, as humans (although, we should probably work towards that, even if we never get there).  What I am implying is, that we give our pets a little more credit for being so perfect and pure. That is no small feat for us to do, but they do it with grace and ease.  I digress…

I am thankful that I can spell grateful. That came later in life than I would like to admit, but, there you go.  We all can’t know everything at once. I just happened to need to know how to make homemade meatballs and sauce before knowing how to spell that word.  #worthit

It is hard for me to admit being thankful for material things, but thank goodness for this amazing house and for our amazing tipi.  To make it worth it, we try to take care of our homes so that they last longer to reduce the need for more “things”.


Make sure to express your thanks everyday.  Thank your people and thank your pets. Thank the ones who are closest to you.  No one could make it through this world alone. Appreciate everyone who helps to nudge you along, every little step of the way.  Happy relaxing and safe travels!

June and I
June and I, post foot bath. We are still working on our cuddle stance.

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