Prepping for the Sub-floor

The past few weeks have been busy but we have still been able to carve out some time to work on the cabin.  At this point, all of the beams and posts are bolted into place. We have an extra 6×6 which we may cut into fourths and wedge in between the beams for some extra support since the sub-floor may or may not sit perfectly on them.  Ok- it won’t sit on it perfectly, we already figured that out, so why not add some extra support on the front end if it is easy enough and we have the materials? The next step is to place an order for the sub-floor materials and some bungee cords to hold a tarp on it when we are done with it.  We already have the 16×20 tarp waiting in the tipi to be put to use.

The Lowe’s cart is loaded up with enough materials to get the frame up, almost through the roof.  We need to decide whether or not to order all of it now, or split it up into sub-floor vs frame which might give us some more time to get the framing order together.

Here is what is in the current cart:

13, 2x8x16’s for the floor frame and joists.  We will cut those to 14 feet.

4, 2x6x14’s and 7, 4×8 pieces of tongue and groove sub-floor for the sub-floor

4 corner braces for our perfect 14×14 floor frame that we will construct on top of the beams

Hopefully, 17 pieces of metal is enough roof.  The roof is still in the “researching materials” phase.  

28, 2x6x8’s for the frame

30, 2x6x16’s for the roof rafters

7 packs of  R-30 Rock Wool Batt insulation for the floor

A few more bolts for the beams so we can attach the extra 6×6 within the outside beams (both sizes #69527 (bigger ones?) and #63357).

Here are the things I know we need:

Tyvek wrap for under the floor and maybe for the outer walls

Bungee cords

Tyvek tape

Screws for the sub-floor.  We are getting nails for the rest of the frame. We think we are renting a nail gun at this point.

Staples (we can borrow the stapler from Milton (well, Mike, but who can’t get into an Office Space reference?).

Ice and Water something or other for under the metal roof.

Safety harness

Liquid nail for under the sub-floor

Here are things I think we need:

Flashing for the roof

Some kind of screws for the roof

Other things…

We are heading to our neighbor-consultant’s house this week to go over the list and shore it up a bit.  This sub-floor project is going to be fun!


Make your list and check it twice!  It will be so nice to have another set of eyes to look at our materials list.  Of course we will have to take another trip to the store for something. Don’t you always?  To ensure, however,  that everything that must be delivered by truck is included will be key since our Honda Fit can only hold so much.   We have pushed that poor car enough.  

Here…enjoy an amazing glass of Perriee’s pineapple-mango home-brewed kombucha.  That carbonation is beautiful.img_3586

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