We could not be more pleased with our current life choices.  I keep finding myself in moments of calm and happiness that I can’t say I have ever felt before.  It is truly beautiful.  Every day offers a slightly different version of a sunrise, sunset, or night sky.

The ducks are all doing well! They have been hanging out in their run at night more, where Perriee has to usher them in their house when she goes to lock them in at bedtime. It’s awesome. Howard went to his appointment since we last posted and the doc did not see anything off. He actually pegged him as a healthy guy, so you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right? I swear he still seems a little more quiet to me, but maybe he just got knocked down in the ranks for the time being. I have heard that ducks change their order of authority from time to time. Nick has been sporting one hell of a drake feather, (actually two) so maybe this is just Nick’s time to shine.

Handsome Howard

Other Updates:

  • The electric is on in the trailer and barn, both on separate meters from the house
  • Re-walled the outside of the back of the house with new insulation, plywood and house wrap
  • Another dumpster of stuff has been hauled away

Homework: Test your soil! 

We are admittedly “wannabe flower farmers” and we are going to give this thing the ole’ college try this year.  Of all of the important advice I have read, the one point that sticks out the most is the importance of soil testing to make sure your flower beds are ready to produce whatever it is you want to grow: Thank you Erin Benzakein from Floret Flowers!  

I knew that you could take samples in for testing, but have never tried it before.  A Google search connected us with our Cooperative Extension Office as the place to take our samples to.  Perriee stopped in and they provided her with the tool to core out the soil, sample bags, and printed information on how to prepare everything.  There are two spots being tested. One is for lavender (preordered from American Meadows) and another spot is being tested for gardening.  

We do plan on growing flowers too, but are going to see how different the recommendations are for these two samples and plant a round of flowers with the amended soil we go with.  If the output is not what we hope it to be, we can always make adjustments next year if needed.  

More gardening…

When we were at the place in Indiana, building the cabin, we bought a hoop house frame that we were going to use for a catio. Perriee put it up on the side of the house and we are going to use it for growing duck snacks: kale, lettuce, spinach, beets, etc. We are going to order the cover from Tunnel Vision Hoops and picked up the clamps from good old Amazon. It may end up being a battle with the bunnies and ground hogs, but as always, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Perriee in the hoophouse

Happy Holidays! 

Please enjoy the Loving Farm Version of, “12 Days of Christmas”:

12 Days of Christmas, Loving Farm style

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