Home is Where the Heart is.

Our city home was built in 1911. It is called Labbato’s on the Knob because the area surrounding our home was settled by Italian immigrants and was coined, Spaghetti Knob. The story goes, up on our hillside, settlers felt the nostalgia of home due to the steep hills and hot and sunny landscape. They grew… Continue reading Home is Where the Heart is.

The Gamblers

We spent a weekend in Las Vegas not too long ago and it was ah-ma-zing!  The hotel we stayed at was Mandalay Bay in a gorgeous room. For thirty bucks a piece we scored a day pass in their beautiful spa.  Call me sheltered, naive, or uncultured, but in my opinion, it was magical. You… Continue reading The Gamblers

Keep throwing the spaghetti on the wall!

What??  Throw the spaghetti on the wall?  Yes! Keep throwing it on the wall.  One day it is going to stick! In case you haven’t heard about that before, when you cook pasta, you can toss a piece of spaghetti on the wall (or ceiling, if you are feeling feisty) and when it sticks, you… Continue reading Keep throwing the spaghetti on the wall!