What is happening?

What is happening?  Why am I not overjoyed to have the most wonderful job?  I mean, I do like my job, a lot, but find myself thinking about alternative ways to make money, outside of an office.  How did people used to work for so many years, doing the same thing the entire time until retirement? Is it because they actually had hopes of retiring at a reasonable age?  Is it because they felt secure that they were going to have enough retirement funds to carry them through to the end of life? As Americans today, we don’t have that feeling of security that my grandparents (my dad’s parents, specifically) had.  

As I struggle with my feelings of dread about working continually in a job, away from my wife and immediate friends and family, the people I want to spend the most of my time with,until I am in my late 60’s,  I am noticing a lot of my friends worrying about this too. They also want a way out of the mainstream expectations to do the “9-5” until we are nearing our seventies. How though? How do we get out and spend the time we want with the people who matter most while maintaining the quality of living that keeps us fed, housed, sheltered, and happy?  

The ultimate end goals are to spend more time together and travel more. We work a lot now, and are not exploring the world, so why wait until we are too sick and old to at minimum spend more time together?  I don’t want to take the chance of waiting until i am 67 to see the world. That day might not even arrive for me and if it does, will I even be able to do those things then?

I have ideas on how to make the move, but I don’t know how to take the plunge and whether or not they will be viable enough to maintain our current state of living.  I’m not talking extravagant here… we are fairly basic as far as our level of living goes, feeling solidly middle class at the moment. Smack. Dab. In. The. Middle.  

Things we can do:

Go” fuller-time” Airbnb, including the tipi and expanding access in the house to include the kitchen (Labbato’s on the Knob, if you are interested).  This income will not replace what we have currently, but it could really help.

Turn into a professional blogger!  It’s ok to laugh, since this obviously is not currently drumming up the traffic to lead in that direction, but hey, you never know do you?  We just need to find our audience.

Become Instafamous with #lotsaflocka.  Our backyard has never looked better and maybe the city farming and cooking we will do this summer with their duck poo and eggs, respectively, of course,  will evolve into something extra inspiring for others. We hope to encourage our neighbors to use some more of their water and litter to help ferilize thier backyard projects.  That shit is good!


Vote.  If we can elect a candidate that can move Medicare for all and student loan forgiveness, our monthly budget would be reduced drastically!  Talk about life changing. This could effectively free us up to take a real chance at the American Dream and open up our awesome jobs to two other well deserving people.  


Write kids books about the ducks.   They have had some amazing adventures in their short lives which we know would entertain and educate some little ones.  


Start a honeysuckle removal business.  How much would you pay to have someone remove the honeysuckle from your property without the use of chemicals?  This is literally something we really love doing.

So there it is, a short list of our crazy ideas to spend the quality time together that we deserve.  Have I said that life is short? Well, life is short. Do something with it.


Take a chance on one idea you have that you REALLY want to do.  Just one. Maybe I will put a Craigslist ad out for the honeysuckle thing so see if anyone bites.  Perriee thinks we should take a crack at the duck stories. That feels pretty good. What do we have to lose?  Something has to stick eventually, right?