Workin’ on the Country House while Lovin’ on the City House

Even though we didn’t make it to the cabin spot this week, we feel super accomplished! I placed the order for the next round of building materials.   Here are the next steps:

  • Cut the 16 foot 2x8s to 14 feet
  • Construct the entire floor and cover it with a 16×14 foot tarp.  
  • Cut the wall lumber for the front and back walls
  • Cut the roof rafters (angle at the top and notch at the bottom)
  • Order the 2x14x16 foot ridge board (special order, special delivery)-DONE!
  • Purchase a nail gun-DONE! 
Our ridge board.

We met with our neighbor and he broke down the roof installation process for us as well as some of the finishing work that we had previously not thought of.  

To instal the metal roof, we need to attach 2×4 nailer boards to the rafters which we will attach the roofing material to.  We talked about the gap needed at the top to attach the ridge cap to as well as the types of screws and nails we will need for the framing and roof.  Come to think of it, i need to get the shopping cart loaded with these materials now. These all need to be onsite in order to get framed. Our new framing date is tentatively set for the weekend of the 22nd of March.

What are we working on at the city house?  We are currently listed on Airbnb (View On AirbnbLabbato’s on the Knob

“>Labbato’s on the Knob, Newport, KY)

and are ready to step it up a little bit.  Up until this week, we have offered a full size bed in a cozy room, along with a private bath, mini fridge, and microwave.  This week we swapped in our newer queen sized mattress from the full size to offer our guests something a bit more than we have in the past.  We also rearranged the rooms so the bedroom is now in a the largest of the rooms and finished the transition between the bathroom and the hallway.  The last thing left to do is to put up a chain lock on the bedroom door.


The new pictures I posted, as shown here as well, are not my favorite, but we are trying to get some new professional pictures done from Airbnb.   We think it looks pretty good though. My brother and his girlfriend are coming in from Cleveland to try out the new set-up this weekend and we have a friend coming to visit her mom the week after.  We will be sure to get some feedback from them about anything we might not have thought of.


Keep downsizing.  

Through our rearranging process, we continued to take some things out of the house that we were not using any longer.  It is not a one-and-done process. Every few months it is good to reevaluate one piece of the house and let go of the old and unwanted things that someone else may find to be useful.  There really is nothing more satisfying than looking at a freshly emptied spot. Don’t worry, you will inevitably replace some things, but you won’t feel smothered by it all like you could if you let it all pile up.