Life is Heavy

Foot check time!Crushed rock, pea gravel, pavers, paver sand, tipi poles, mulch in wheelbarrows, mulch in bags, mulch in buckets, lumber, logs, trees, cinder blocks, duck feet, new jobs, marriage, physical health, mental health, politics, the environment.  Life is heavy.

Since our journey began with one another, Perriee and I have had some heavy moments.  We have moved tons of those items (literally, at least two tons) listed above from the top of the trail to the tipi spot.  We have probably walked miles doing it too. Duck feet and new jobs don’t weigh a lot, but those are some things that can weigh heavy on the mind.  Those things, although not tangible, can be the most exhausting to carry around with us.

When I am moving a bag of mulch, I can stop and take a breath, contract my abs, and slowly bend at the knees to pick it up.  Then I take it to its destination, always focusing on my core, I bend at the knees again and gently lay it down. I know exactly what steps to take to accomplish my goal and I feel stronger for having done it when I am done.  


On the other hand, when we have things weighing on our minds, it can be so difficult to trust ourselves with the steps we need to take to deliver those items to their destination.  Myself, at least, I can second guess myself. I panic when I don’t know the steps I need to take to fix the problem. I wear out my “mental back” by carelessly lugging these things around.  I must learn how to pick them up carefully to put them down when they become too heavy to bear.

When I am carrying something super heavy from one place to the next, like a bag of gravel, for example, and I need a break, I will stop, put it down, and take a breath.  When I am ready to resume, I pick it back up and keep going. I never feel guilty for needing to do that. I should allow myself to play by those rules in all aspects of my life.  


Try to put down one heavy item that has been weighing on your mind.  Tell yourself, it is ok to take a break. You can revisit it in a week and see if you are ready to pick it back up.  Maybe you will find it isn’t even worth it.

About the duck feet, I am so uber paranoid about the ducks getting bumblefoot and noticed a tiny spot or two on the girls’ feet.  I really beat myself up about it and we did take a lot of action. We threw down some pine needle straw in the yard, took out most of the pavers that were out there, and brought in a walnut branch from the walnut tree.  In their pen, Perriee hung a rain barrier (shower curtain), and we added pea gravel to the spot where we will put their drinking water in their run. On top of it all, a friend did a little research and said they might need more pool time.  

Enter….the waterbed! We went to Meijer on our way home from Cleveland (hence the pic of Lake Erie) on Saturday night and dreamed up the design.  Complete with the pieces from the hardware store, we crafted a pretty neat pool that their feet don’t touch the bottom of, and they get to keep it all day long.  They really enjoy it too. Thanks for the inspiration E!