These are a few of our favorite things…

There was no cabin to build last weekend because we stayed in the city to hang at Blink Cincinnati.  Blink is a multi day event in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky full of art installations in the form of light projections, sculptures, and performances that blanketed the area for the second time since 2017.  

We were able to go to the opening parade on Thursday night, then we went back on Friday and Saturday to explore the different exhibits.  It was so much fun to take the bus downtown each night. Because they had so many streets closed off, they moved the big bus stop at Government Square to the tunnel underneath the city.  It is one of my favorite places ever. It was the best surprise when the bus turned down to pull down the entrance ramp into the beautifully white and red tiled corridor. It really felt like the emergence into a big city to come up the stairs onto the sidewalk.

Last I heard, over about 1.5 million people made it to the city over the three and a half days that Blink was here.  There are only about a million people in all of Cincinnati so you could definitely feel the volume. On Friday night, Perriee and I went to check out the Roebling Bridge, which was lit up and had music playing to accompany the color.  You could walk across on either side of its walkways, and they had street closed except for small people movers zipping down the center.

The Roebling Bridge Experience

When we got on, it was crowded, but it was moving. By the time we decided to turn around it was almost gridlocked. It was packed to the point that you could not pass the person in front of you unless you pushed your way through.  I was trying to do the mental math regarding how many people would exceed the posted weight limit. I never figured it out. I was never so happy get back on land! Afterwards, we both shared with one another how it reminded us of the My Favorite Murder episode about the hotel bridge collapse!  The following day, we heard that they had to even close it down for a while to thin out the foot traffic.  Luckily, everyone made it through safely.  

The Roebling Bridge, Cincinnati/Covington, Friday, October 11, 2019

I would like to take a moment to brag a little here.  Not about me, but about every human who went to Blink this year (2019).  The City of Cincinnati reported one arrest all weekend for 1.5 million people! That is spectacular!  It was so crowded downtown. But is was also peaceful.  People really appreciated the art and maybe even had some healing from it all.  I really hope it comes back in a couple of years and I hope we can be there for it.

Neither of us are from here.  I am from Cleveland and Perriee is from  Chicago. I think it is safe to say that we both love living in Northern Kentucky.  Perriee and I love living so close to the city, so to round off this post, we brainstormed five places each that we enjoy in the Cincinnati area.  I will have to elaborate on them all sometime, because they all are pretty rad in their own way.

Perriee’s Picks 

Marietta’s Picks

Homework: Take the Bus

The bus is so much fun,  One of our first dates was tp take a bus ride to the Cincinnati Public Library.  I asked Perriee to take me because I had yet to ride the bus since I lived here and really wanted to try it out.  It was also my first time at that library, and even got some kisses in the stacks.  Finally, being a dork paid off!

During Blink, I actually felt a little bad for everyone I saw driving downtown last week while we enjoyed our leisurely walk to the bus stop each night (well, we had to run, once, but you know…exercise!).   For folks who may live pretty far outside of a local bus route, you can even benefit. Towns (like Newport) have park and ride stops, so you don’t have to drive all of the way into the city and deal with finding a place to park (or paying for one). The parking lots are likely a pretty direct shot right into where you are trying to go. Busses are pretty affordable, you get to watch the world go by, and its good for the environment. Just try it once.  The more you know…