Winter Solstice 2018

Worry not friends, the days are once again getting longer. See how fast that was? The spring flowers will be peeking out of the cold soil before you know it. Celebrate! That’s what we did.  We had a beautiful solstice meal with our farm family and friends and celebrated by the fire under the full moon light.

Last year we spent the weekend happily sequestered in the tipi with the kitties.  Tux was getting medicine for his ear, so we took them with us.  Since there is no real door in the tipi, we were sort of tasked to keeping them inside for the weekend.  The last morning we were there, there was a swarm of birds circling the tipi taunting Mittens and Tux from outside.   It was beautiful.  I think this was the weekend we realized how much we needed a door.  Fast-forward to today.

Cabin Corner

A friend came out and graciously helped us finish digging our holes.  THANK YOU!  The gravel ended up being delivered directly to our area by the gravel guy.  I found out from him that we live in the middle of the hill, by the way.  This delivery was a bit of a Christmas miracle and saved us some heavy moving that we would have otherwise had to do to get the gravel down there from the metal barn.  Thank you sir! He happened to live in the neighborhood so it was nice to make that connection.  We saved his number in case we need another “Bobcat” kind of job done.

The order for the foundation materials has been submitted and is now scheduled to be delivered on New Years Eve.  I think it is safe to say that we are pretty excited about this.

Gadget Corner

The Biolite camp stove is going back.  A second opinion confirmed that the device, although smart in function (it charges a battery with heat), takes too much attention to keep it going.  We may instead save for something like the Yeti, Goal Zero.  It has a place to plug-in small electronics.  This will suit us better than charging a phone with a small fire.


Trust in the universe sometimes.  Every once in a while it will come through.  I almost called the gravel guy to cancel the delivery because I thought it would be too much trouble for him to get it to us.  With some patience, we ended up faring better than originally planned.  We will take every win we can get and you should too.