Decisions, Decisions

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This cabin is going to essentially be our dream home.  It will be a 14×14 dream home. You could also potentially refer to it as a 14×14 dream bedroom. Because of this, we really do want it to be done right.  Right?

We made it to our spot on Sunday for a few hours in order to mark out the perimeter of the cabin.  Simple, right? Our goal was to mark it out with the square corners measured out so we stopped at our favorite Lowes in Lawrenceburg , Indiana to get some bright pink twine and a couple of more pieces of rebar to temporarily use as corner markers.  

The 3-4-5 method is what we found to be the easiest way to do this, so we began.  And we continued. And then, Matt came down to say, “hi”, at the very moment that we were slipping down into the abyss of frustration.  He so graciously helped us mark our corners and our 14ft perimeter. It looks amazing.

Our neighbor will be looking after #lotsaflocka for the next three weekends and the plan is  to have the foundation piers poured by the weekend of the 14th, my birthday weekend.  I may have mentioned this before, but we hauled a load of gravel for Perriee’s birthday two years ago, so fair is fair that we embark on some other crazy project for mine.

How crazy could this get though?  Let me help you with that answer. Pretty crazy. In advance, I ask you to see this revaluation of this project as a near miss, as opposed to a preemptive surrender. In a few days, Perriee and I can celebrate having met ten years ago.  We have seen some things together and by now, have a pretty good idea of the things we can accomplish together. We also know what our limitations are.  Can we drill and pour this foundation? Absolutely. Should we? Not sure. If we could just give it a go and see how it goes, it would be amazing. What we will be doing is getting the foundation of our home together for the rest of our lives.  

What if we rent the auger and don’t get it done in time?  What if we order concrete already mixed and don’t get the holes drilled in time (see, previous what if).  If we don’t get the concrete pre-mixed, we need to mix it and take it down one wheelbarrow at a time to our spot.  You could say this is making me nervous.  It is making us both nervous.

Here is a quick estimate of the costs we are looking at:

Bobcat rental (auger): $800.00

Sono tubes (3, 24”x 12 ft): $400.00

Concrete that will need to be mixed: $500.00

Rebar: $50.00

Braces for the beams: $100.00

Our current total is already pushing about $2000.  I already know that we will either struggle with the machinery and not finish in time OR get it done so quickly that we will be sad we rented it for the amount that we paid.  The concrete? Heavy.  Let’s see who does this for a living and get an estimate.  We decided to at least see what we are missing out on here. This route might save us some emotions and help the economy at the same time.  We aren’t going to finance it, so we think that it is fair to put food on someone else’s table in the process.

We have called a few places and received a couple of, “I’m sorry, we don’t do that”s already.  I will be sure to report back on any updates. In the meantime, I have found myself rethinking the cabin altogether and looking at tiny house trailers (around $4,000 for one specifically made for a home) or even yurts.  I was quickly reminded that a nice yurt costs about 10k AND you have to build the deck to put it on.  Sigh.


Tell yourself it is going to be OK and try to believe it.  That is what I am going to do anyhow.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

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